After treatments I ask my clients for a little bit of feedback.  The aim is to build up this page with comments and testimonials over time.

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Feedback from The Shamanic Practitioners Medicine Wheel Course 2019

Lesa "I have absolutely loved this course I have felt major changes in myself from the beginning. The control I have over my gifts is amazing and what I've learned on this journey has been invaluable and I will carry that with me forever. I would 100% recommend this course I've enjoyed every lesson and lessons from the universe and connecting with my guides and ancestors on a different level and just being able to help spirit means so much to me and just finally to accept the light and dark in my self and using that to help those around me. I was fortunate to not have many struggles along this journey but wow the lessons have me filled with gratitude. Debi you're an amazing teacher and I feel honoured to be taught by you. Also the fact I ended up pregnant which is a bit of a miracle in itself I'd definitely love monthly lessons to deepen my knowledge thank you for everything namaste xx"

Claire "This course has helped me 100% I never thought I'd stick at it because we had to dig deep and deal with problems, problems I didn't want to think about again but once they came up I was able to overcome them, this course has help me be a better person inside and out, am grateful for the life lessons that have came with it, it has truly opened my eyes that I can do the things I never thought I could, helped me be the person I once was also taught me how to love myself, helped me get closer to my guides and ancestors. I thank you for teaching this course it was a life saver for me and am grateful I had the privilege to be taught by you and learn things from our ancestors. I would recommend this course to everyone especially to those who think they can't do anything with themselves cause I thought that and now I've learned soo much! Thank you so much Debi.
I took forward to our next meeting and to learn more xxx"

Kelly "Everyone brings something different and important to my journey and I really love the support and understanding we have in the group. I have learned so much about myself and what makes me, me. I have connected with so much already and we have only just begun our path with Shamanism. I think the course has been fantastic and fascinating and as we continue to learn and grow we can share our experiences and possibly help the new batch of people or at least be a good support system to you, Debi as you guide the next group through their journeys xx "

Angela "I feel this journey has been such a deep awakening for me in many ways, letting go of past hurts, healing, connecting with myself, connecting with mother earth and receiving the munay ki rites is a priceless gift. I've learnt so much and yet it's just the start of my shamanic journey, I cannot recommend this course enough, facilitated by Debi an amazing teacher. When it feels like you ve come home you know it's truly special 🙏."

Rikki "The Shamanic course has been a complete awakening in it's own right for me and I have learned so much about myself and unlocked gifts and abilities I never thought possible for me! It really has been an amazing experience and I recommend it to everyone! Debi is a legend! So knowledgable and supportive throughout! The group of people are like a new family to me as we have went through the process together and are all into the same thing and have shared the experiences!"

Shauna "I’d be happy for everyone to stay in touch. Have found it a lovely supportive, respectful, warm group of people, and we’ve definitely all grown together. Find it hard to review how the course has helped me as I’m very conscious that I’m only at the beginning of this journey. In some ways a lot was crammed in and I know the onus is on me to work more on certain areas and do my own research. As somebody who was already very conscious of my beautiful spirit guides and angels, the course has grown my spiritual support team with the awareness of my ancestors. It’s also given me more concrete tools and processes for ridding myself of my past baggage and helped me to feel a little less damaged and broken, leaving me stronger and braver. Only thing I would possibly change is the fact that the Munay Ki rites were all a bit crammed in towards the end. I would have liked to integrate them all at a steadier pace but other than that, everything has been fab, and I’m definitely glad to have taken the first few steps on my shamanic journey."

Dawn "The opportunity to attend this course came at a time of great personal upheaval and change and I wanted not only to gain a better understanding of Shamanic practices, but also to become more able to deal with life's challenges. At the end I feel so much stronger and better equipped to continue this journey with a deep respect for and deeper understanding of the Shamanic way of life. Along the way my thought processes and the way I look at life have been completely challenged and rewritten. There were also times when I doubted myself and if i'd be able to see it through. Debi from the outset created a space where each of the group, no matter how different their backgrounds and experiences, felt valued and supported. She has continually encouraged, sometimes challenged, and guided us all towards our own unique and individual path. The Facebook group has been a valuable source of support as have each and every one of the group. Thank you all guys! I would recommend this course to anyone open and willing to bring about change and new experiences into their lives."

Recent Facebook Reviews

Ashley Wood - "I am currently in Debi's Reiki School, working toward my master level. I had trained with someone else a long time ago and I have to say...Debi is unreal. Her teaching is more traditional and moving than any I had received before. If you are thinking about starting your Reiki journey, then this is definitely the place to start."

Sharon Bingham - "Had a wonderful complimentary life coach session with Debi today and then a relaxing reflexology session. Thank you so much lots of things to think about

Kerrie Elwood - "As always a beautiful Reiki share this morning.... currently "floating " through the day! Thank you for inviting us along, a lovely way to meet new folk and experience the power of Reiki as a shared group."

Sonia Longridge - "Thank you for a fabulous reflexology treatment. I know I will sleep like a contented babe tonight! I loved your professionalism, warmth as well as your obvious expertise."

Leontia Connolly - "Highly recommend. Went for reflexology and feel absolutely great. Lovely girl lovely comfortable relaxing atmosphere."

Gemma McAleer - "Debi is fantastic! Well recommended. I have come to her for massage, reiki treatment and training, reflexology and meditation and always leave feeling better than I did, with a better perspective on things. Thanks Debi"

Erin Morrison - "Completed Reiki Level 1 Workshop. Debi makes you feel comfortable, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, questions and chat are encouraged. I highly recommend this course with rocks 'n' rituals and definitely hope to return to complete my level 2."

Deirdre Cullen - "Absolutely fantastic! Really enjoyed my training. Relaxed atmosphere & it was nice to be able to ask 'silly' questions without feeling silly! Highly recommend Debi & shall be returning"

Bernie Bannon - "Thank you debi for a wonderful evening last night I look forward to next weeks crystal class with you and the others in the development circle and to next week reiki treatment so relaxing and a very special time thank you xx"

Feedback from some of the attendees at the Crystal Workshop on 31st January 2015

"Thanks for a great day. Lovely group and energy. Great meditation and yummy lunch" ~ Caroline
"I had a great day. Just sitting with my crazy lace crystal now. Thank you" ~ Tessa
"Fabulous day - personal and crystal cleansing to do ... BTW have you seen that moon - wow - Power up the crystals ladies!" ~ Caroline
"Thanks so much Debi - really enjoyed it. Feeling so chilled" ~ Maureen
"Just fabulous Debi! I got so much out of it. Now taking inspired action! Thank you thank you thank you x" ~ Nuala
"Thank you Debi it was a great day we really enjoyed ourselves just cleaning my crystals looking forward to the full moon to energise. The lunch was lovely x" ~ Bernie

Comment regarding the Reiki Share on 8th November 2014

"As always a beautiful Reiki share this morning.... currently "floating " through the day! Thank you for inviting us along, a lovely way to meet new folk and experience the power of Reiki as a shared group"

Comment regarding Development Circle - 6th November 2014

"Thank you Debi for a wonderful evening last night I look forward to next week's crystal class with you and the others in the development circle and to next week's Reiki treatment so relaxing and a very special time thank you xx"

Treatment - Reflexology 27th October 2014

"Thank you for a fabulous reflexology treatment. I know I will sleep like a contented babe tonight! I loved your professionalism, warmth as well as your obvious expertise."

Treatment - Reflexology 30th September 2014

"Thanks Debi for the treatment last night. Slept like a log. Wonderful !!"

Treatment - Reflexology 2nd September 2014

"Thank you for a wonderful treatment !!.....very relaxing and everyone you must try the foot scrub combined with Reflexology!"

Reiki - A positive experience from a recent student, Shauna, who received her Reiki attunements in level 1 and level 2 last year. (2013)

"I first tried Reiki treatments a couple of years ago when I was feeling particularly fed up with life. I can honestly say that it has been a real benefit to me. It has totally changed my outlook on life and this is what prompted me to take the level one training. Every treatment tends to produce different results, whether physical, mental or emotional, and sometimes the effects are more obvious than others. However,  I have never come away from a treatment without feeling refreshed and like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

What has really turned my life around is the spiritual aspect of the energy. It sounds like a cliché but I had long lost all faith in conventional religion when Reiki opened up the world of spirituality to me. I feel so much happier and calmer now in the knowledge that none of us are alone in the world and that there is definitely something bigger than us out there. However, there is no judgement involved, no prescribed thinking or dogma; each person can take what they want out of their treatments.

I would say that a lot of my friends and colleagues are still a little cynical or wary of Reiki as they think it sounds a bit too airy fairy. However, when asked, they would definitely say that I cope with life a lot better than I used to, as I am more content and optimistic. I reckon there’s nothing to lose, why not give it a chance and try at least one treatment? And the beauty is that if you do feel it’s for you, there’s nothing to stop you becoming a practitioner yourself, even if only for your own use. I really can’t recommend it enough!"

Treatment - Reiki & Crystal Therapy 30th July 2011

"Really looking forward to my next session. Felt really upbeat and positive after the last session (2nd for me). Both times have produced different but very positive results. Thank you and see you next time!"

Treatment - Reiki & Crystal Therapy 6th July 2011

"This was the first time I have had this done and I have to say I am going to make it a regular treat for myself.  I find it really hard to relax and this is the most blissfully relaxed I have been in over 3 years.  I am now sleeping better which is an added bonus.  Thanks so much!"

Treatment - Reiki & Crystal Therapy 30th June 2011

"Extremely relaxing.  Look forward to seeing you again soon!"

Treatment - Reiki 5th June 2011

"Reiki is the most amazing experience! Would recommend the treatment to all, I found it a very relaxing and innovative treatment, can't wait until next session. Go on peeps get booking those appointments you won't look back. Thanks xxxx"

Treatment - Reiki & Crystal Therapy 25th May 2011

"Deeply relaxing experience.  Immediate heat effect across entire forehead.  Floating pretty much from the offset.  Muscle spasms periodically in different areas. 
Body felt heavy and numb and at peace.  Almost fell asleep, really moving and unusual experience.  Highly recommend to all!"