Terms of Service

The following information is provided to clarify the terms of service under which Rocks n Rituals operates. Please familiarise yourself with the bookings policy and missed appointments policy to avoid any confusion or misunderstandings.

Booking Policy

For private sessions - When booking your private session please use the online booking system to select an appointment time that is suitable for your needs. In most cases you can book appointments up to 6 hours in advance. Payment online is currently optional but is the preferred option. This saves you have to bring cash to your appointment or worry about paying when you are relaxed after your treatment. It also avoids any confusion and is the safest option, rather than Rocks n Rituals having a lot of cash on the premises.

If you are booking an appointment which has a discount voucher, is a reduced rate or is included as part of a bundle of Reiki training then simply by-pass the online payment option and make your payment on the day instead as required.

If you do not have access to the internet, you can book by ringing Debi on 077 2960 0085.

For workshops or group bookings - Please use the payment buttons on the events page to book your place on any of the workshops. All pages carry either a deposit payment button or a full pay option as required and this will secure your place. Contact Debi with any queries you have about joining a group or training session. Once again if you do not have access to the internet, you can book your place by ringing Debi with your details.

Cancellation Policy

If you wish to cancel your appointment, 24 hours notice is required otherwise the full fee is payable. If you wish to reschedule your appointment you should likewise give 24 hours notice. Cancellations and rescheduled appointments can be carried out via the online booking system. If you have a family emergency or other such situation, Rocks n Rituals, will of course be reasonable with regards to any refunds offered. 

If you provide 24 hours notice then you can either use the paid fee to cover a rescheduled appointment or you can seek a refund.

Please note that deposits paid for workshops and training events are non-refundable. When you book on one of these events, training manuals and other preparations are made for you and this is what your deposit covers. If you can arrange for someone else to take your place then a refund can be made, alternatively you can book on to the next available workshop and your deposit will be carried over to that event.

Missed Appointments

If you fail to attend for your appointment then the full fee is payable and no refunds will be given. If you have not paid online at the time of booking, you will be issued with a missed appointment invoice which is payable within 7 days of receipt. Missed appointments cost Rocks n Rituals time and money. Often other people could have been offered the time slot and failing to attend shows a lack of respect for the time and effort put in to set up the room, prepare the space and to read your client notes beforehand. Rocks n Rituals understands that from time to time an emergency situation may arise which makes it impossible for you to attend an appointment - in that event, please speak to Debi to discuss the situation. Any refunds or rescheduled appointments using your existing fee, will be at her discretion.

Rocks n Rituals has now also had to operate a 3 strike system to try and curb no-shows. If you have booked appointments and have failed to attend on 3 occasions then pre-payment will be required for all future appointments and if you miss a 4th appointment then you will no longer be able to book with Rocks n Rituals. This is to protect the professional boundaries that need to be maintained when running a business such as Rocks n Rituals.


If you know you are going to be late, please contact Debi to make her aware of this. She often has back to back appointments booked, so if you run late then it causes other appointments to run behind which is unacceptable for those clients who follow you. If you arrive late, your appointment time will not be increased so your session may be cut short as a result. If you are more than 20 minutes late, your appointment may be cancelled and you will lose your fee. 


Online payments are the preferred method for paying for your private sessions and workshops. You can also pay by card on the day - please note the minimum card purchase is £10 due to banking charges. All online payments are made via PayPal or Stripe. No card details are held by Rocks n Rituals. If you wish to pay by cash, you can do so but please endeavour to bring the correct change where possible.


All sessions are confidential. Your details will be held in accordance with Data Protection laws and your session will not be discussed with anyone without your prior consent. All records are kept for up to ten years from the date of your last appointment. Please update Rocks n Rituals with any changes to your name, address or contact details.


If you have a complaint, please raise it directly with Debi Barr and she will endeavour to rectify the situation as soon as possible for you.