Tarot Workshops

Debi runs regular Tarot Classes - an 8 week beginner class runs throughout the year. A New online course is also available and Debi has written a book called, "Rocks n Rituals Tarot Tales" - this book serves as either a standalone guide to learning the Tarot or as a companion book for the courses that are currently on offer. A new advanced Tarot class is also available to follow on from the Beginners course and it will run once or twice a year.  

8 Week In-Depth Tarot Course (Beginners Course)

Tuesday Evenings 7:00pm-9:00pm
Bangor County Down 

Next course will start on Tuesday 8th January 2019 from 7-9pm running for 8 weeks. Places are strictly limited so book early to avoid disappointment on this popular course.

£80 covers the entire 8 weeks

This Tarot course has been designed to provide an in-depth look at the Tarot and to help you build your confidence and intuition as you learn to read the cards for yourself and other people. It is based on Debi's book, Rocks n Rituals Tarot Tales, which is suggested as a companion guide for the course. You can purchase it for £9.99 via Amazon.

The 8 week course will cover the following topics: -

Week 1 - Major Arcana

We will take a more in-depth look at these 22 cards and study the Fool's Journey to gain a better understanding of the significance of each card. We will take some time to look at the astrological significances of the cards as well as looking at numerology and symbolism to help decode them.

Week 2 - The suit of Swords

This week we will look at the suit of swords, cards 1-10. We will learn the story of these 10 cards (ignoring the Court Cards until later in the course). We will once again look at any astrological significances as well as numerology and symbolism. We will then work with the Major Arcana and the Suit of Swords to look at card combinations and possible meanings as you develop your skills as a reader.

Week 3 - The suit of Cups

As per Week 2 only this time looking at Cups.

Week 4 - The suit of Wands

As per Week 2 only this time looking at Wands

Week 5 - The suit of Pentacles

As per Week 2 only this time looking at Pentacles.

Week 6 - Court Cards

This week we will take the Court Cards from each of the 4 suits and learn the story of how they fit into the Tarot. We will learn how to unravel their meaning and associate them with real people to help you remember them. The Court Cards bring the Tarot to life but are often difficult to get to grips with so this week we will concentrate on these cards and learn how to interpret them when they show up in a reading.

Week 7 - Reversals and Card Combinations

This week we will look at reversed cards and card combinations. We will review what we know so far and also start to put everything together.

Week 8 - Putting it all Together

For the final week we will look at different spreads, weaving the story and how to put it all together to give a detailed reading.

If you would like to come along please register your interest as soon as possible as places are limited.

Recent Testimonial from Ashley Wood who attended this 8 week course earlier in 2016: -

"Just finished your tarot class and I will be eternally grateful for everything you have shown me. I feel so much more connected to the cards and able to understand the story they have to tell. I am so excited for the next course!!! Thank you so much!!!!!"

Advanced Tarot Class 
4 Weeks
Next course date - March 2019

This more advanced class will run initially over 4 weeks, with follow up classes being made available online and via the Tarot Tribe Facebook group to those who have completed the course.

Week 1 will take a more in-depth look at your relationship with the cards and we will begin to look at some advanced spread techniques, pre-spread work and fun games to help you connect better with the cards.

Week 2 will throw you into the Celtic Cross in a new way. You will learn to look out for the hidden spreads within this well-known spread. You will learn to blend the energies of the cards into new meanings. Most people leave over half of the reading on the table when they read this spread - you will learn new techniques to help you pick the cards clean and leave your client feeling amazed at your skill!

Week 3 will teach you new spreads - astrological layouts and timing spreads. We will begin the process of understanding the deep relationship between astrology and the tarot - this topic will be further explored by way of an online course if students which to continue their studies in this area.

Week 4 will show you how to build spreads and use the cards for problem solving, manifestation and brainstorming. There will be an opportunity for students to come together for a Law of Attraction style workshop where they can use their cards to help manifest what they want. This workshop will run separately to this last class in the advanced series.

To register your interest in joining this course please contact Debi - please note it is helpful if you have already attended the 8 week beginner's course before taking this course. If you are already very familiar with the cards and spreads then you can join the course but it is not for complete beginners.

This course is £40 in total, payable in full on the first night.

Online Tarot Course

A 12 week online course for anyone who cannot attend the in-person classes or for those who have previously attended and who want to brush up on their skills. Full details of this brand new course is available here