Workshop Sponsorship

Have you seen a workshop you would like to attend but you live too far away or you have just missed it?

Would you like Rocks n Rituals to bring the workshop to you or hold one on a specific date for you and your friends?

Would you like a free place on the event?

The Workshop Sponsorship Programme allows you to gather a group of people together and then receive a free place on the workshop - here are the terms: -

Step 1 - Choose the workshop event from the following list and contact Rocks n Rituals to arrange a suitable date.

  • Art of Crystal Healing Level 1
  • Art of Crystal Healing Level 2
  • Art of Crystal Healing Level 3
  • One Day Level 1 Reiki Workshop
  • One Day Level 2 Reiki Workshop
  • Angel Workshop (Half Day)
  • Tarot Taster Workshop (Half Day)

Step 2 - Gather a group of at least 5 people plus yourself to attend the event. You should then provide Rocks n Rituals with a list of names and email addresses so payment can be arranged for the course from the attendees. You get a free place for organising all this.

Step 3 - Provide a venue (your home or somewhere in your locality) OR arrange to come to Rocks n Rituals' location in Bangor.

Want to talk about it or arrange a sponsored event? Get in touch today.