Winter Wellness Workshop

As the winter approaches there are many factors that can adversely impact our health and well-being. From harsh weather to poor diet, darker days and lower moods, stress and overwhelm as the festive period approaches and temperature extremes and drying central heating - our mind, body, spirit - and skin - can all suffer. Come and learn how to restore health and well-being on this morning workshop. 

Enjoy relaxation tips and techniques, herbal remedies, natural skincare products and much more as you learn how to stay healthy in mind, body and spirit this winter. Together we will look at tips and techniques to help you manage overwhelm as the festive period approaches, how to relax and enjoy life more, how to look after your skin in the winter months, how to keep the nasty bugs away and generally how to feel better over the cold, winter period.

In this Winter Wellness Workshop running on Saturday 2nd December, Debi will also help you understand how to manage your stress levels as the busy festive period approaches. Together you will look at mindfulness, holistic nutrition and essential oils and herbal remedies that can help you stay healthy and well over the winter period.

What will happen during this Winter Wellness workshop?

You will cover the following topics during the workshop: -
  • How stress adversely affects the mind, body and spirit.
  • What you can do to combat the effects of stress.
  • How to change your perspective so you can change your reality.
  • Eating well to help recover from stress - nutritional tips and advice for high vibrational food
  • Mindfulness and mental health
  • Relaxation session to soothe mind, body and spirit and to promote wellness.
  • Essential oils and herbal remedies to promote health and well-being in the Winter months.
  • Beautiful natural skincare products which you can use to help retain moisture in the drying winter months.
Would you like to come along?

Venue: -     Willowbrook Park, Bangor
Date: -        TBC
Time: -       10am-1pm
Cost: -        £20 per person

If you would like to attend please use the Buy Now button below to secure your place and contact Debi to confirm your place.

Debi is also happy to take this seminar out to an area near you - if you would like to arrange this please contact Debi.

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The next mindfulness & wellness workshop is scheduled for the end of November to help you prepare for the festive period!