VIP Days

Are you a woman who is constantly running around after everyone else? Do you feel like you have no time for yourself? Are you stressed out and on the edge? How often do you get some "me" time?

Too often women run around taking care of everyone around them - they are busy, working hard to fulfil several roles. Maybe you are a busy working mum trying to juggle children/family life and a career. Perhaps you care for a relative and have little time for yourself. Perhaps you are running your own business and never get time to recharge your batteries. Everyone has a story to tell and everyone needs time out.

Would you like to have some time out where you could be taken for breakfast, go for a lovely walk and talk out all the things that you need to get off your chest? Maybe you would then like to have a hot drink and a relaxing hour to unwind before having some lunch - all made for you and where you don't have to lift a finger? Follow all that up with another blissful hour of relaxation and healing before finishing up with a review of your day and tips for bringing more peace into your life.

Does that sound good?

Why not book yourself some VIP time? You are a very important person and you need to fill your cup. You cannot serve from an empty vessel - it is NOT selfish to put yourself first from time to time. Self-care is vitally important. These days are vibrant, introspective and powerful. There is nothing more powerful than women coming together to talk and heal. Debi has a wealth of experience in this field and will ensure you feel totally cared for and nurtured throughout your time together. It is time someone took care of you! 

Rocks n Rituals has put together a couple of packages to suit time and budget for busy women who need some time to themselves. These VIP days are best suited as a one to one activity - i.e. you get Debi's undivided attention for the time you are together however Debi knows that some people prefer to bring a friend along and you can, of course, do that if it makes you feel more comfortable.

Check out the options below - pricing is per person and no more than 2 people can attend at any one time. You can either book by making payment via the PayPal payment buttons below or by visiting the online booking site to choose your date and pay via the booking page detailed in the Terms & Conditions below. If you choose the Pay Now buttons, Debi will contact you upon receipt of your payment to set up your date so please ensure you leave a valid email address or telephone number. Please also ensure Debi has your address or point of pick up venue!

VIP Morning Package £95
9am - 12:30pm
  • Pick up from home *
  • Breakfast at a local eatery
  • Mindful walk 
  • Hot drink of your choice
  • Relaxing guided meditation to round off your morning
  • Drop off *

VIP Full Day Package £150
9am - 4pm
  • Pick up from home *
  • Breakfast at a local eatery
  • Mindful walk 
  • Hot drink of your choice
  • Healing session of your choice (Crystal Healing, Reiki or Reflexology)
  • Homemade lunch
  • Guided Meditation & Mindfulness Session
  • Review & coaching session to give you tips on incorporating self-care on day to day basis
  • Drop off *

Terms & Conditions

VIP Days are for women only at this time and all parties must be over 18 years old. Upon receipt of your payment via PayPal, Debi will contact you to arrange the date for your VIP experience. If you would prefer to speak to her beforehand to ensure your date is available then you can do so by ringing her on 07729600085 or email her :, alternatively please use to book & pay.

* Home Pick Up - Home pick ups are only available for those living in the North Down area of Northern Ireland. If you live outside this area then please make your own way to Bangor Bus or Train Station and Debi will collect you from there at 9am (or as applicable depending on your travel arrangements). Drop off will be back to the point of pick up.

Breakfast will be bought for you at a local cafe or eatery in Bangor. You will then go on a 5-10km walk with Debi along either the coastal path or around Crawfordsburn Country Park - morning sessions may have the shorter 5km walk due to time restraints. You should wear suitable footwear and come dressed to suit the weather conditions. If it is wet, you should bring a change of clothes so that you are able to change on return to Debi's home for your healing sessions.

On return from the walk, Debi will transport you to her home and will provide you with a hot or cold drink of your choice to refresh you after the walk. You will then choose from crystal healing, reflexology or Reiki and enjoy an hour's relaxation & healing - the perfect way to unwind after your walk. If you bring a friend then the order of the healing sessions may need to be reversed - one of you will do the guided meditation and mindfulness exercises in the morning and the other will do them in the afternoon. If you are coming to a morning session then you will both do the guided meditation session together. 

If you have purchased the full day experience Debi will then provide a healthy lunch for you to enjoy. At this point if you would like some time to yourself this can be arranged during the lunch break.

After lunch you will enjoy a relaxing guided meditation and some mindfulness exercises, after which Debi will spend the final hour discussing your day, your review of the time spent and will give you some helpful tips and advice to take away with you so that you can carry forward the benefits of self-care into your day to day life.

Buying for someone else?

Simply contact Debi and then she will arrange to have a gift voucher sent out upon receipt of your payment. The recipient of your kind gift can then make their appointment at a time to suit.