Sound Healing Retreat - Spring Equinox - 20-22 March 2015

You are invited to join The Sound Healing Spa, in conjunction with Rocks n Rituals and others, for our Spring Equinox Sound Healing Retreat over the period of the Spring Equinox at Tir Na Moe Retreat Centre.

This Retreat comes at particularly special energetic time, not only will we be working with the energies of the Spring Equinox but Friday 20 March brings us both a Super New Moon and Total Eclipse of the Equinox Sun.

This is a fantastic opportunity to experience the healing power of sound work and specific healing energies and ceremonies, inside the retreat and outside with nature.

Price per person for the week-end:    £180 per person
Location: Tir Na Moe, Donegal

This includes 2 nights full-board and all meals during the week-end as well as all sessions delivered over the course of the week-end. Please note you can also purchase additional individual treatments if you require - treatments include Reiki, reflexology, mindfulness, EFT, sound therapy and massage.

Payment plans can be arranged to suit individual requirements. If you can't make the full week-end you can join us for part of the retreat.

The theme of this Retreat is to Raise Your Personal Vibration and take some well deserved time out to allow you to tune in to your True You.

Brief details of the weekend's activities are detailed below - please note there are regular breaks interspersed between activities. Individual treatments can also be booked and paid for separately if you wish.

Friday 20 March

6pm - Arrival / Welcome, Meditation and Celebration Sessions.

Saturday 21 March

10 am - 5.30 pm - Sound Healing, Movement, Mindfulness, Mindfulness Walk, Drum Meditation, Individual Treatments.

9.30 pm - 12 midnight - Night Time Healing Session - Combined Modalities

Sunday 22 March

Techniques and Practices to apply in your daily life / Final retreat Meditation.

*If travel is an issue car pooling will be available and has been kindly offered by some of the facilitators on the retreat.

Would you like to join us on this beautiful retreat? Please contact Debi for more information or contact Tessa Greer from the Sound Healing Spa directly.