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Distance Healing

Reiki energy is not bound by location. It can travel across time and space so there is no barrier to receiving a Reiki healing session at distance. If you are not able to visit Debi in person to receive a Reiki session then you can still benefit from receiving Reiki at distance. There are two options to choose from for this service: -

Free General Healing List

Debi has a general healing list that you can be added to free of charge. Debi sends healing to everyone named on the list each week in a group healing distance session. This service is free of charge and you can simply ask for your name to be added to the list and it will remain there for as long as you wish. Debi will send the healing out each week - the day varies depending on her commitments but there will be at least 15-30 minutes each week where healing is focused on this list. If you wish to be added to this list please contact Debi with your name.

Private Focused One to One Distance Healing

If you would like specific one to one private distance healing then Debi also offers this service. You book an appointment that suits you and Debi will contact you beforehand to confirm the session is about to begin. She will check that you are somewhere safe and comfortable and that you will not be disturbed during your session. She will then commence the focused distance healing for you. It is helpful if you can send Debi a picture of yourself when booking the appointment so she can connect more easily with you. She will channel the healing energy and will then contact you to confirm the end of the session and to provide any feedback. The cost of this service is £45 for an hour's session. If you would like to book you can do so by clicking here.