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Distance Healing

Reiki, Crystal Healing and Shamanic Healing energy is not bound by location. It can travel across time and space so there is no barrier to receiving a healing session at distance. If you are not able to visit Rocks n Rituals in person to receive a Reiki, Crystal or Shamanic Healing session then you can still benefit from receiving it at distance. There are various options to choose from for this service which are given below and a further more detailed page on distance sessions and new options can be found by clicking here.

Public Healing List - Free of Charge

Each morning I send out focused Reiki healing by way of a Reiki infused crystal grid. This is sent out freely to all who request it and is sent with the intention that you receive it as and when you most need it, at a time suitable for you. This means it will be received by you when you are relaxed or sleeping and not when you are driving or operating machinery for example. If you would like to be added to the list, simply contact me.

Private Focused One to One Distance Healing

If you would like specific one to one private distance healing then I also offer this service. You book an appointment that suits you and I will contact you beforehand by telephone to do a short consultation and to confirm the session is about to begin. I will check that you are somewhere safe and comfortable and that you will not be disturbed during your session. I will then commence the focused distance healing for you. It is helpful if you can send me a picture of yourself when booking the appointment so I can connect more easily with you. I will channel the healing energy and will then contact you to confirm the end of the session by phone to provide the feedback. The cost of this service is usually £45 for an hour's session however in light of the current Covid-19 situation I am accepting a Pay What You Can policy. This means that if you can afford to pay the normal price, please do so in order to help support the business at this difficult time but if you are unable to do this, you can pay what you can afford, for example, £40, £35, £30, £25, £20 (min £15).  Please note I would be grateful if you would be honest with this service and give what you can truly afford rather than just requesting a service on the cheap.  If you would like to book a full price session you can do so by clicking here.  If you would like to avail of this service at a lower price please email me to book your session - - please ensure you have me saved as a safe contact so my response gets to your inbox rather than your spam folder.

Your distance healing session can either be Reiki, Crystal or Shamanic Healing so please specify your preferred service when booking.  I can talk you through the options if you are unsure so please do get in touch if this service interests you.

Online Coaching Services

I am offering reduced price Skype or phone consultations with anyone who would like some life coaching or personalised meditations carried out.  This is particularly useful for anyone who needs to talk about their feelings in a safe place and anyone who is looking for some guidance on re-framing their thoughts to a more positive place.  You can book this service online here or email me.  Price has been reduced to £25 during the Covid-19 Pandemic Lock Down.

Email or Skype Tarot Readings

Readings are available by email or by Skype.  These have been reduced to £20 for the foreseeable future in light of the current pandemic lock down so please book your Skype reading online here or alternatively email me to arrange an email reading.