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Reiki School - Full Programme

Rocks n Rituals Reiki School - Full Programme (up to Level 3 Master Teacher)

Rocks n Rituals Reiki Training Programme 2017/2018 
Registration for 2017/2018 is open now for anyone who wishes to enrol early to secure their place.

This is a 12 month programme designed to take you through Level 1, 2 and 3 Reiki. From novice to Master level in 12 months in a fully supportive, structured and guided manner. Please note if you are interested in learning Reiki and have missed intake for the year long programme you can still learn with Rocks n Rituals by checking out the individual levels.

This programme brings the best of Western and Eastern training techniques to provide you with a comprehensive training in Usui Reiki Healing. Reiki is so much more than a therapy - it is a tool for self-development and self-mastery. It is therefore important that students learn to meditate and self-treat with Reiki in a disciplined manner in order to get the most benefit from the training.

You will receive over 45 hours of instruction from your Reiki Master. There are a total of 14 group sessions and workshops over the course of the year. There are also several private Reiki sessions included so this is a fully comprehensive package which will help you progress through the levels.

The format and structure of the training is as follows: –

2017/2018 Programme will commence Wednesday 6th September 2017

Initial Private Reiki Session – new students will be invited to attend for a private Reiki healing session prior to the first group meeting on Wednesday 6th September 2017.

Level 1 Group Session – students will be invited to attend a group meeting at 7pm on Wednesday 6th September with the other students in the group. During this two hour session there will be an opportunity to meet with the other students, learn about the history of Reiki, ask questions about Reiki and do a group guided meditation in order to prepare for the Level 1 Workshop.

Level 1 Group Session 2 (Attunement Day) – The workshop will be held on Saturday 9th September. This class will cover the 5 Reiki principles, the history and tradition of Reiki, self-healing, practice on self and others, energy centres and chakras. At this workshop you will receive the first set of attunements which open you up to the Reiki healing energy. 

21 Day Self-Healing – For 21 days following the Level 1 Workshop there is a period of time where students are required to self-treat. It is important to keep a journal during this time and to practice the self-healing techniques and meditations that will be shown to you during the workshop.

Follow-Up Private Reiki Session – You should book a private session with Debi either during your 21 day healing period or immediately after it - please ensure the private session has been taken before the next group session.

Level 1 Group Session 3 – On Wednesday 11th October students will be invited to attend for a group healing session from 7pm-9pm where each person will give and receive Reiki. There will also be an opportunity to ask questions and cover any level 1 material which has not yet been taught.

Level 2 Group Session 1 – On Wednesday 8th November there will be a group session in the evening for all students. This will provide an introduction to some of the Level 2 group practices that are practised in Japan and there will be a further group practice and meditation carried out in preparation for the workshop.

Level 2 Group Session 2 (Attunement Day) – The Level 2 class will be held on Saturday 11th November. This class will cover the sacred Reiki symbols, Distance Healing and Working as a Professional Practitioner.

21 Day Period of Self-Healing and Practice – once again there will be a period of 21 days where students are required to self-treat and practice. A journal should be kept during this time with students documenting their progress and practising distance healing techniques.

Follow Up Reiki Session – Students will be invited for a private follow up Reiki session between the attunement day and the Level 2 End session.

Level 2 Group Session 3 – Wednesday 6th December 7-9pm. Students will be invited to attend for Reiki sharing and group practice - full details of all topics covered are in the course curriculum.

Level 3 Training Section January-August 2018 – During this period students should be practising their Reiki skills as much as possible. Everyone will be asked to keep a journal and to document their case studies in preparation for Level 3 attunement later in the year. This period is important as it consolidates the learning. During this period students will be invited to have further private Reiki sessions as well as several group sessions to maintain the support and learning environment during this time. The details for the group sessions are given below and the 2018 dates will be formalised closer to the time for you. One private Reiki session is included in the price and during these months you can avail of a discounted rate for further sessions if you wish.

Level 3 Group Session 1 (January)
Format of the Level 3 training
Why train to be a Reiki Master
Revision of theory & practice to date
Understanding energy – the aura & chakra system and the meridians
Understanding the mind/body energy connection and how Reiki fits in
Lineage considerations and East/West differences in style

Level 3 Group Session 2 (February)
The ancient Anthakarana symbol
Using Reiki with crystals and crystal grids
Commitment to Living the Reiki Way – Principles in Action
Symbolism and other non-traditional symbols – The Grace Symbol & Balance symbol

Level 3 Group Session 3 (March )
DNA activation and Mer Ka Fa Ka Lish Ma symbol work
Reiki Meditation techniques
The need for on-going support and development as a Reiki Master
Further healing work with distance techniques

Level 3 Group Session 4– Attunement Day (April)
Usui Master Symbol, its mantra and attunement
The Tibetan Master Symbol
The Fire Serpent
The Violet Breath
The Micro-cosmic orbit
Essential preparations for passing attunements to others
Advanced techniques using the Usui Master symbol for healing others  - Aura cleansing (also known as psychic surgery)
Regulation for Reiki practice and Reiki professionals
National Occupational Standards
Legal Requirements for Reiki Practitioners in the UK

Level 3 Group Session 5 (May) ** Teacher Level
Teacher training part 1 – what to include at each level
How to run a successful training business
Preparation for practical assessment

Level 3 Group Session 6 (May/June) ** Teacher Level
Demonstration of the attunement process for Level 1 and 2
Demonstration of attunement for Level 3
Demonstration of the Reiju process
Practical assessment – prepared & unprepared


All manuals and training equipment will be provided for you as part of the course fee. There are some additional recommended reading books which you are under no obligation to purchase however they would provide additional resources for you. Copies of these books will be made available to you to review during group sessions and workshops.

How many places are available?

Debi likes to keep the class sizes small so there are a maximum of 5 places available on this course.

How to Register

If you would like to register then either complete one of the payment options below or alternatively contact Debi and she will be in touch with confirmation of your place. As soon as the spaces are filled registration will be closed.

If you would like any more information before committing to the course or if you have any questions please email Debi in total confidence. The email address is


Rocks n Rituals aims to provide high quality training at a cost that is affordable and good value for money. As such this programme is packed full of content and gives you many hours of instruction and guidance. Debi is confident that you will not find a better programme at a cheaper price.

The total cost of this course is just £600. The fee is payable in 12 monthly instalments of just £50. This will be set up via PayPal with the recurring £50 payment being taken monthly from the date you sign up for 12 months.

If you would like to set up the monthly payment schedule then please use the Subscribe button below and this will enable you to set up the recurring payment via PayPal. Please note you do not need to have an account to use PayPal as you can complete the transaction as a guest but you may find it easier to create a free account.

If you prefer to pay up front you can save £50 and pay just £550.

Please contact Debi if you have any problems making the payment or using this site.

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