Reiki Kids

Do you have children who are interested in learning Reiki for themselves?

Reiki is a beautiful gentle healing energy which can be used by anyone, including children. Children are so open to the energy that they often surprise adults at the speed with which they accept the concept of Reiki and start to use it for themselves, plants and animals.

Reiki Kids is a training system for children created by Barbara McKell in Canada. You can visit her website here and see the fantastic ethos she has with regard to teaching Reiki to children. Children often suppress their innate spiritual nature and gifts because they are not encouraged to use them. By teaching Reiki to children we are supporting these young people and teaching them that there is a spiritual side to life that should be an integral part of their time here.

Debi Barr is a registered teacher with The Reiki Guild and she has put together Reiki Kids workshops based on Barbara McKell's curriculum. If your child is aged between 7 and 12 and they have expressed an interest in Reiki then please get in touch with Debi to discuss whether this training would be right for your child. It is helpful if the child is supported by their family with regard to learning Reiki and often a parent or guardian has received Reiki or had Reiki training themselves. Parents will be required to sign consent forms and to attend the workshop with their child.

The workshops will run on demand and a parent or responsible adult is asked to stay with the child during the workshop. The training is based on using art, creativity, story telling and children's meditation. Each child will receive a Reiki Kids manual, which is an interactive style manual with colouring pages and stories for the children to work through during the session. Each child will also receive a certificate confirming they have received a Level 1 Reiki attunement. The fee for the workshop will be £30 per child and they will last approximately 2 hours. 

If you are interested please contact Debi for more information.