Property Energy Clearing & Blessing

Everything is made of energy. Your home or work place is no different. From time to time heavy or negative energy can begin to infiltrate your personal space and this can make you feel unwell, tired, or drained. You may also notice repeated patterns of negative behaviour, bad dreams or other disturbances in your home when the energy field is not clean and clear. You may also have felt that perhaps there is something in your home that unsettles you, an unwanted presence or spirit energy that needs to be removed. It is well worth having your space cleared and blessed regularly to prevent any issues arising. Debi is an expert energy healing practitioner and a advanced shamanic practitioner and she can come to your home to cleanse the space, clear the negative or heavy energy, and fill your home with positive energetic blessings. This will make your space feel lighter and more positive, your well-being and family relationships will see an improvement and overall your space will have a nicer feel.

Energetic clearing and space blessing £85
Debi can do this work either remotely at an agreed time with you or alternatively she can come to your home and work with you.  She will work through each room in the space you want cleared. She will use a variety of energy clearing techniques to ensure that all areas are energetically cleared of negative energy, leaving a beautiful healing vibration in their place. Any unwanted spirit energy will be removed and released for you, and Debi will follow up with you after 6-8 weeks to provide a further blessing to ensure the space remains cleared of unwanted energy.

Debi will also check each room and area in your house for energy portals and spirit activity. She will also check that your home is not lying on any areas of geo-pathic stress which may cause harm to humans or animals, and if it does, she will work to address that issue for you.  She will follow up with you after 6-8 weeks to ensure that the property remains clear and if needed will remotely clear any residual negative energy that needs shifted.

To book, please contact Debi on 0772 960 0085 or email her with your name, address and contact telephone number so she can arrange a mutually convenient time for the work to be carried out.