Rocks n Rituals is hosting some new spiritual development and Reiki support groups - the details are below.  If you are interested at all please contact Debi for more information.  Don't forget that Debi also offers Reiki workshops and details of these can be found on the Reiki training page.

Spiritual & Psychic Development Group

The weekly spiritual & psychic development group has been running for a while now and everyone is making great progress. The current group is full but a new 12 week development course will be scheduled for 2015.  This group would be for anyone interested in developing their spiritual nature and gifts.  We would be looking at various topics each week, such as meditation, tarot reading, seeing auras, working with angels and other similar topics.  This group would be ideal if you are interested in these things and if you want to learn with other like-minded people how to develop your skills. The group is held once a week at a cost of £5 per person in Debi's home in Bangor.  If this sounds like something you would like to attend then please contact Debi to register your interest.

For more information and details of the class plans please visit the Development Circle page. An advanced development circle is also available - click here for more information.

Reiki Support Group

The Reiki support group is for people attuned to Reiki to come along and share a group healing session.  This group is held once a month in Bangor and is free to attend - its purpose is to allow Reiki practitioners to feel supported and to allow time for healing.  If this is of interest to you, please contact Debi to register your interest.  

For more information please visit the Reiki Share page.