This year, 2018, Rocks n Rituals is pleased to support Northern Ireland Chest Heart & Stroke.

Throughout the year, my partner Kerrie and I will be taking part in various fundraising events to help raise funds and awareness for NICHS. These events will appear on this page with links to the relevant Just Giving Page.

Events: -

8 mile walk as part of Belfast City Marathon on Monday 7th May 2018, in memory of my late father Tom Garrett

We are walking 8 miles with Belfast City Marathon for Northern Ireland Chest Heart & Stroke because both of us have family with heart problems. Kerrie and I have both decided to raise money in 2018 alongside Rocks n Rituals in memory of my late father, Tom Garrett, who died in 1989 from a massive heart attack. Back then there was not as much medical intervention and as a result my father, who had suffered 2 previous heart attacks in the mid 80's, died instantly from his 3rd attack.

My brother and cousin have also undergone by-pass surgery and my mother is also affected with heart disease, having angina and a pacemaker. 

Kerrie's father has had a recent brush with heart disease and had stents and a defib unit placed in his chest just last year, after being diagnosed with a heart problem in 2017.

In an effort to raise money, Kerrie and I will be walking the 8 mile section of the Belfast City Marathon in May. We had hoped to walk the entire 26 miles but unfortunately are not allowed to do so - and as neither of us are keen runners at the moment (watch this space - Kerrie is training!) we decided to sign up for the walk this year.

Rocks n Rituals has decided to make NICHS its charity of the year and as such Kerrie and I will be undertaking more charity events throughout the year including a sky-dive - more on this will follow later!

In the meantime if you can spare a few pounds for this worthy cause then please dig deep and support us as we raise funds and awareness for Northern Ireland Chest Heart & Stroke Association. 

Did you know that everyday in Northern Ireland 13 people will suffer a heart attack and 10 will have a stroke? My father went out to sing at a church meeting back in 1989 and didn't come home - let's fight this horrible condition together by funding NICHS as they support people living with heart, stroke or respiratory illness and help fund their research into better medicine. You can donate via Just Giving by clicking here or on the image below.

Thank you