Development Classes

What are development classes?

Development classes are workshops in the theory and practical basics of spiritual and psychic development from meditation to dowsing, card readings to working with the chakras, understanding crystals to connecting with your Spirit Guides. Do you want to increase your intuition, work with healing energy, and learn how to meditate or develop your own clairvoyant abilities? These classes will facilitate the development of your own natural spirituality and psychic skills. Essential basics such as energetic and psychic protection & grounding, simple to understand theory and practical exercises make this group suitable for everyone no matter what your ability.

The classes are now held over a full day Saturday workshop

Beginners - 1 Full Day Workshop £50 
Saturday 10am to 4pm - Saturday 7th September 2019 - Bookings Closed for this Workshop

  • Energetic & Psychic Protection
  • The Importance of meditation - breath work & focus
  • Auras, Chakras & Colours
  • Crystal Basics
  • Connecting with your Guide
  • Pendulum Work

Intermediate - 1 Full Day Workshop £60
Saturday 10am to 4pm - Saturday 11th January 2020

  • Energetic & Psychic Protection
  • Psychometry
  • Divination & Card Reading
  • Deeper meditation - 3rd eye development & increasing sensitivity
  • Angelic Energy
  • Sensing Energy/Hands on Healing
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Advanced - 1 Full Day Workshop £75
Saturday 10am to 4pm - Saturday 18th April 2020

  • Energetic & Psychic Protection
  • Psychic Art/Automatic Writing
  • Past Life Meditation Work
  • Pendulum work for past life analysis
  • Connecting with Spirit
Booking for this workshop will open in February/March 2020