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Help with Anxiety

When you feel stressed, nervous or scared your body produces adrenaline.  This in turn makes your heart beat faster as it sends this hormone around your body.  You sometimes find that you become breathless and have difficulty breathing.  These are all natural reactions in the human body to fear or anxiety.

Sometimes you may not experience such severe symptoms.  Perhaps you simply find yourself worrying about a situation in your life and when you go to bed at night you can't "switch off".  You find yourself constantly replaying the day's events or worrying about things you have to do tomorrow.

Is this you?  Well first of all don't panic (excuse the pun) it is human nature to worry and most of us find ourselves in this situation at some point in our lives.  There are practical steps you can take to try and help you restore balance to your life and reduce anxiety.

If you are worrying about things you have to do or things you forgot to do when you go to bed at night, bring a pen and paper to your room and write down all the things that are bugging you.  By writing them down you reassure yourself that you will not forget and this helps to clear your mind.

You can also place a piece of sodalite next to your bed as this is a helpful stone in terms of helping you "switch off".  Amethyst also works well in this regard and can also aid restful sleep and perhaps even provoke intuitive dreams.

If you find yourself experiencing or about to experience a panic attack or you notice you are starting to feel nervous the first thing you should try to do is breathe deeply.  By stopping what you are doing and consciously concentrating on your breathing you will find that you immediately start to feel calmer.  Take long deep breaths in and hold for a second before releasing slowly.  Do this as many times as you need to in order to restore calm.

Exercise is also a wonderful stress buster as it promotes the flow of oxygen around your body.  Get out and about in nature, go for a walk in the park or simply go out into your garden if you have one and just spend some time in the fresh air.

You may find it helpful to carry a piece of amethyst or blue lace agate with you.  When you feel worried you can hold the stone in your hand and just concentrate on your breathing to help restore balance.  You may also like to try out some meditation which is great for your well-being.

Crystal Therapy Sessions

The above text is simply there to provide you with some ideas as to how to use your crystal(s).  Please note that the text in this document in no way replaces medical advice and is simply a suggestion for a complementary therapy.  Crystal therapists are not able to diagnose or cure illness and you should always seek the advice of a qualified medical practitioner such as your GP if you are worried or have a medical condition.

However, crystal therapy sessions with a qualified therapist can be a wonderful way to de-stress, relax and restore balance to your life.  Your therapist will create a relaxing atmosphere with soft music and perhaps some essential oils and will then place crystals on or around your body.  The crystals all vibrate at different levels and each has a specific quality that can assist you in restoring harmony to your body and energy fields.  Your therapist will consult with you and suggest the relevant stones to use in your session.

If you would like to arrange a crystal therapy session please contact me on 0772 9600085 or email me at  Sessions usually last 30-45 minutes and cost £20.