Ask the Angels

Ask the Angels is a new intuitive reading service - it is a 60 minute session whereby you will meditate to seek guidance and clarity and then work with crystal reading, angel cards and the Tarot to seek answers and find an empowered way of dealing with the issues you face.  

When you arrive you will be offered a hot drink and some water. Debi will consult with you and talk about your reasons for visiting and seeking guidance. She will then take you through a guided meditation to relax and ground you before connecting you to the angelic realm for guidance and clarity. You will then choose some crystals which you are drawn to and Debi will read the energy of these crystals for you and provide guidance on what they mean for you. She will then use Tarot and Angel cards to answer your specific questions.

This is a beautifully healing session and the angels draw close each time to provide support and guidance. The session costs just £30.