Advanced Development Circle

Building on our previous development circle, this course looks at the more advanced subjects within spiritual & psychic development. In an easy step by step process you can venture into subjects such as: energy work, 3rd eye chakra development, angels, psychokinesis, psychic art, manifestation & past lives. 

This course will help you develop your own spiritual ethos and understanding, as well as your natural psychic skills in a safe and supported way. 

This course builds on knowledge and skills from the development circle so it is recommended that you have attended that 12 week course before joining this one. 

The course is currently on-hold pending re-design. Details will be released in due course - please join the mailing list to be kept informed.

The topics are: -

Week 1 - Deeper Meditation 
Week 2 - Energy Work 
Week 3 - Increasing your Sensitivity
Week 4 - 3rd Eye Chakra Development
Week 5 - Angelic Energy
Week 6 - Psychokinesis
Week 7 - Psychic Art
Week 8 - Manifestation
Week 9 - Past Lives
Week 10 - Out of Body Experiences

The cost is £10 per person per week and if you pay in full on the first week you can receive a £10 discount off the total course fee. Card payments are accepted. Please also note that you should endeavour to attend every week for the 10 weeks as the energy builds week on week and it can be disruptive to the other group members if people dip in and out of the circle. Refunds are not given for missed classes except in exceptional circumstances. 

To book your place please contact Debi.