30 Day Mind Diet


In a survey, carried out by Rocks n Rituals, over 70% of respondents stated that anxiety or worry was their biggest problem, with the second biggest concern being a lack of focus or clarity.

The most common frustrations were a lack of time, money or resources, a lack of confidence, muddled thinking, lack of organisation or routine and not feeling good enough. Can you identify with any of these?

86% of people wanted happiness more than anything with the next most popular answer being mental & emotional stability.

This new programme has been designed to give you back your focus. It will allow you to gain clarity and help you to make better decisions. At the same time you will receive healing and guidance to help you recover the balance of your mind, body and spirit. It offers you truly transformational healing - when you focus the mind you are free to make better decisions and live a healthier and happier life.

When you are under stress for a long period of time your thinking becomes muddled, your body starts to play up and you experience all sorts of physical, mental and emotional instability. This 30 day programme is designed to give you results - fast. 

Would you like to regain the ability to think clearly?

Would you like to feel more focused?

Would you like to reduce your stress levels?

Would you like to worry less and be less anxious?

Would you like to eliminate overwhelm?

Would you like to breakthrough your limitations?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then you absolutely need to enrol on this 30 day programme.

There are 3 different packages to suit all budgets, depending on the option you choose this is what you get: -
  • powerful strategy to help you breakthrough mind clutter and eliminate overwhelm.
  • One to one attention from Debi during the 30 days (for Silver and Gold packages)
  • A full lifestyle review.
  • tailored plan of action for you to work on over the 30 day programme.
  • Accountability sessions to keep you on track with your plan.
  • Email & Facebook Group support along the way. 
  • Lifetime access to recorded guided meditations for you to use for relaxation between sessions, video content to help keep you motivated and detailed worksheets to work from.
What you will get out of this programme: -

You will learn how to identify areas for change. You need to take a long look at all areas of your life in order to identify areas for change. This programme will give you the tools and techniques to do that. There are various levels of support also available depending on the package you choose so you can have as much or as little help with this important task as you need.

You will learn how to get clear on what you need to work on and what you want. Many people struggle with having a clear focus and then become overwhelmed with the apparent enormity of the changes required to get them to where they want to be. This programme will help you focus and get clear on what changes need to be made and will help you set a plan in order to make them.

You will learn how to set effective goals and create a plan of action which will give you results. There are no magic wands, you will have to put the work in but when you take on board the lessons and apply them to your life, you will see results and this will give you momentum to carry on.

You will learn how to overcome self-sabotage and how to stay focused on the task at hand. Debi will be on hand to work with you, depending on the level of package you choose, in order to help with keeping you motivated and on track. You will have access to a closed Facebook support group where you can relay your progress, ask questions and get support from the other people who are working through the programme. Accountability sessions are also included in the silver and gold packages.

If you take the Gold package, you will also benefit from healing work which Debi will carry out for you. This work will be done by way of distance Reiki and Crystal Healing. This will help you to uncover any blocks which are preventing you from moving forward and will help you to stay on track.

How is the course delivered?

When you sign up for your chosen package you will be taken to a welcome page where you will receive details about the programme and you will be given the link to join the Facebook group to get started. The admin team will be working in the background to register your details and as soon as that is done you will receive the first of seven emails directly to your inbox. You should expect to receive the first email within 12-24 hours of signing up.

Each email provides different content and training for you to help you work through the changes you are about to make in your life. You will receive these emails periodically over the 30 days with the initial 4 emails being sent each day from the date of your registration. The remaining 3 emails will be sent around days 11, 21 and 30.  Each one will have specific content for you to work through and use for your personal benefit.

With the Silver and Gold packages you also get direct access to Debi by way of initial calls to help you get started as well as accountability review sessions. Gold package holders can also avail of a distance healing session at their convenience.

Tell me more about the packages

There are 3 package levels to choose from: -

Gold, Silver or Bronze. With each level you get lifetime access to the online course materials (guided meditations, PDFs and videos) as well as access to a closed Facebook Support group where Debi is on hand from time to time to interact with you and answer your questions. Check out the options below and choose your preferred package to get started!

Gold Package

The Gold Package offers you the chance to work most closely with Debi and get the most direct support from her. In this package you will have a one hour initial consultation with Debi. If you are in the local area you can visit Debi in person for your first meeting and if not, you will have a 60 minute Skype call with her to discuss your life review and goals.

During this initial session with Debi you will both work together to begin to set the goals for your 30 day period. It is therefore helpful if you work on the first few days' email content before seeing Debi for your initial consultation so that you are prepared and ready to work on tweaking and setting your action plan up.

This package also includes a review call with Debi half way through your plan and a follow up review call at the end. These calls are your accountability sessions - it has been proven that you will be more successful in your goals if you have someone to be accountable to. This plan also includes a private distance healing session which you can book at your convenience.

You also get an extra guided meditation "Manifesting Abundance" at the end of the programme to help you integrate your life changes and bring about more happiness to your life.

This package is ideal for you if you are ready to invest in yourself and you want the extra support and guidance from an experienced life coach to help you on the way.

To select this package use the Buy Now button below to make your one time payment of £119.

Silver Package

In this package your initial call is for 30 minutes. There is no in person contact with this package, instead everything is done online or by phone. You will need to have your lifestyle review questionnaire and goals nailed down before your initial session, Debi will then review your plan and make any suggestions which she feels necessary to help you on your path. 

You will, of course, have access to the online materials and the Facebook group so you can have any questions answered in the group. The only review of your progress will be at the end of your 30 day period where you will have another 30 minute call with Debi to discuss how you got on and what your next steps may be.

This package is ideal for you if you already know have some ideas about what you want to achieve and you are a motivated self-starter who requires little external input or support.

To select this option click here - you will be taken to a PayPal page for your one time payment of £79. Once your details have been registered you will receive access to the course area

Bronze Package

This option is a completely D.I.Y package. This is for anyone who does not want to have any accountability reviews or external contact. You will receive all the information and step by step details of how to complete the lifestyle review, set your goals and work towards them. It is up to you to then take action and work through them at your own pace.

There are no distance healing sessions or calls with this package but you will still have lifetime access to the online materials and you can ask questions and interact if you wish in the Facebook group.

To select this option please click here - you will be taken to a PayPal page to make your one time payment of £39 and once admin has approved your registration you will be granted access to the course materials.

Quick Comparison Guide

       Gold  Silver  Bronze
 Facebook Group Support  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Guided Meditations  4  3  3
 Video Content  3  3  3
 PDF Worksheets  8  8  8
 Initial Call with Debi  1 x 60 mins  1 x 30 mins  None
 Review Calls/Accountability Sessions  2 x 30 mins  1 x 30 mins  None
 Email Support for personal help  Yes  Yes  No
 Distance Healing Session  Yes  No  No
 Investment  £119  £79  £39

What are you waiting for?

Debi has a wealth of experience in transforming people's lives through her healing work. Stop existing and start living! Book your place on this 30 day programme now and don't look back. This is your life - take control and become the driving force so you can achieve all that you dream of!

Booking & Terms 

To book your place please use the relevant Buy Now button below to make your one off payment. Upon receipt of your payment, the admin team will register your details and you will be taken to a welcome page to get started. You will then receive 7 emails over the course of the 30 day period

You will receive access to the recorded meditation content and video content as well as the worksheets for your use during the 30 days in each of the 7 emails. You will have lifetime access to this content so you can refer back to it after the 30 days - it is yours to keep once downloaded.

You should join the Facebook group for support and extra content. This is included in all packages and you can remain in the group for as long as you like after the 30 day period is up.

For those packages with initial consultations you should book your session within the first week of the programme. Review sessions will be booked at this point in the diary as well. If you are a Gold package holder you can also book your distance healing session at this initial consultation too.

Silver & Gold account holders can send emails to Debi during the course of the programme and she will respond to those as soon as she possibly can to give you all the support you need.

Debi cannot guarantee the outcome for you - you have to put the effort in. Debi will work to motivate you and inspire you. No refunds can be given for any failure on your part to reach your desired outcome and by signing up to this programme you accept these terms. 


Contact Debi with any queries. Make sure you add debibarr@rocksnrituals.co.uk to your safe senders list or contacts so that her reply finds its way to your Inbox and not your Junk Folder.